The International League of Competition Law (LIDC) encourages the debates about the principles of law in today’s competitive marketplace. The association, created in 1930 and reconstituted in 1950, whose registered office is in Geneva, promotes the principles of justice in the competitive market.

Every year, the League organizes an international Congress to study subjects about unfair competition, intellectual property and/or competition (antitrust) law. The main purpose of the annual Congresses is the theoretical and practical study of questions relating to the goals and objects of the Association. They are chaired by the President of the National or Regional Group where the Congress is taking place, or by any person appointed by him with the agreement of the Council.

National and Regional Groups write a national report on each question, serving as a base for a more detailed report, which is discussed during the annual Congress in order to adopt a resolution. The resolutions, approved by the General Assembly, suggest solutions concerned with the debated topic and propose recommendations to national and international authorities.

LIDC's Congresses had already happened in Bordeaux (2010), Oxford (2011) and Prague (2012). In 2016, it took place in Geneva, and the next one will be in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), from 5 to 8 October. The two questions to be discussed in this year’s congress are:

Question A: "What are the major competition/anti-trust issues generated by the growth of online sales platforms, and how should they be resolved?"

Question B: “To what extent do current exclusions and limitations to copyright strike a fair balance between the rights of owners and fair use by private individuals and others?"

This is the first time that the congress takes place outside of Europe. It is an honor for the Brazilian National Group of LIDC to be chosen as hosts for the 2017 event. We hope you enjoy your stay in Rio de Janeiro, an inspiring city of exuberant beauty.

We look forward to meeting you in October 2017!