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Become an ABPI member

If you work in Intellectual Property – whether as a company representative, lawyer, consultant, agent, technician, or academic – join ABPI and be part of this qualified Intellectual Property community.
With approximately 800 members spread across several Brazilian states and abroad, among individuals and legal entities, ABPI is the greatest force in the defense of Intellectual Property rights in Brazil.
Participate in congresses, conferences, workshops, roundtables, lunches, and other events promoted by ABPI, where lawyers, entrepreneurs, and academics gather, to exchange information, experiences, and conduct business, besides attending lectures by experts and members of the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary powers.

Expand your professional horizons!

Participate, with the right to a special discount, in the ABPI International Intellectual Property Congress.
Annual event, one of the largest of its kind in Latin America, brings together national and foreign personalities from the IP world.
Join, as a member of the ABPI, also the AIPPI – International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property
and regularly participate in the congresses and numerous activities of this prestigious international organization,
respected in world and regional forums concerning the matters
involving intellectual property,
including for its comprehensive Resolutions:

Improve your knowledge!

Get access to ABPI’s works, studies, and publications, which form a corollary of relevant information
for the improvement and decision making in IP matters.

Participate in the improvement of the system!

Contribute ideas, criticisms, or suggestions which, deepened and systematized within ABPI’s Study Committees are forwarded to the authorities
through Public Hearings and Resolutions aiming to improve the Intellectual Property system.

Advantages of ABPI members

Free registration for some webinars

Special discounts on workshops and other events

Special discounts on courses offered by ABPI’s Continuing Education Center – Ceduc

Access to updated technical papers on IP

 Participation in committees, works and technical studies

Institutional relationship with the main leaders of the IP community, companies, members of the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary powers

Expansion of the network of professional contacts

Exchange of experiences and access to new procedures and positions to resolve critical IP issues, also on a global level

IP information through unrestricted access to the website, the Resolutions, ABPI Journal, the Newsletter and the daily clipping with news from the field

Qualification to become a member of AIPPI and LIDC (Ligue Internationale du Droit de la Concurrence), world references in Intellectual Property studies


As ABPI associates have a special registration fee for the 44th ABPI Congress, we have different conditions for payment of the annuity.

For memberships until August 11, 2024 – Payment of the full amount of the ABPI 2024 Contribution

* Cash bank slip
* Credit card in cash or in installments with the number of installments varying according to the date of affiliation with settlement until October 2024.

Membership renewal is automatic and the 2025 annuity billing will begin in November 2024.

Mark in the table below which modality best fits your case, remembering that the values ​​to become an ABPI member are:





BRL 2.950,00

Legal entities

BRL 737,50

Individuals up to 30 years old and professors and researchers working on a full-time basis

BRL 1.475,00

Individual over 30 years

Free two years

Mark in the table below which modality best fits your case, remembering that the values ​​to become an ABPI member are:


. R$ 2.950,00

.Legal entities
Legal entities


. R$ 737,50

.Individuals up to 30 years old and professors and researchers working on a full-time basis


. R$ 1.475,00

.Individual over 30 years
Individual over 30 years


. Free two years

.Free two years
Individual over 30 years

To become a member of ABPI’s partner entities – AIPPI and LIDC, the annual contribution amounts * are:


. SWFR 115

.AIPPI – Individuals up to 30 years old


. SWFR 230

.AIPPI – Individual over 30 years old


. SWFR 230

.AIPPI – Legal entity


. SWFR 90

.LIDC – Individual or legal entity

    Payment options

    Annual fee Teachers and Researchers full time and in an exclusive dedication regime
    Payment options

    Annual fee Individual party up to 30 years old (incomplete)

    Payment options

    Annual fee Individual above 30 years old

    Payment options

    Annual fee Corporate

    Payment options

    * The amount will be paid in installments according to the date of membership, with the last installment due by October.

    Extend you Membership to AIPPI and/or LIDC

    The above rates are expressed in Swiss Francs and will be converted into Brazilian Reais according to the official exchange rate on the payment date.
    After submitting you will be directed to the payment page according to the option marked above (bank slip or credit card).

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