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Regional Representations Regiment

ABPI Sectional Representations Regiment

The Executive Committee and the Directing Council (hereinafter “the CECD”) of the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association – ABPI;

Whereas Section 2 [1] of ABPI Statue authorizes the CECD to create and maintain Sectional Representations in any location within the national territory;

Whereas Section 2 of ABPI Statute, confers on the CECD´s competence to establish attributions, limits, administrative structure and Sectional Representations responsibilities;

At the CECD meeting on May 29th, 2014, a “Work Plan” for the Sectional Representations, was approved. Considering that the content for these regiments were beforehand presented via e-mails to the CECD and also discussed at their meeting on October 30th, 2014 and December 11th, 2014;



To approve the Sectional Representations Regiment:

Section 1 – The permanent objectives for the Sectional Representations are:

(a)   Disseminate Intellectual Property nationally through a positive approach;

(b) To expand ABPI’s membership framework; And

(c) Geographically expand ABPI´s and its partnerships presence and visibility.

Section 2 – To be able to achieve their goals, keeping in mind ABPI statutory purposes and principles, here are the Sectional Representations attributions:

(a) To promote events related to Intellectual Property (in-person, in their territory or on the Web), by themselves or by supporting the organization or even in partnership with other professional entities such as (e.g. Brazilian Bar Association – OAB and (Brazilian Regional Council of Engineering and Architecture – CREA), academic institutions, R&D, Innovation and Local Government, following the same principles as ABPI´s;

(b) To promote IP by encouraging a dialogue and an institutional relationship between ABPI and professional entities, academic, R&D, Innovation and Local Government entities;

(c) Seek to attract new members for ABPI who share the same goals and principles;

(d) to promote the ABPI to governmental entities of its three main branches and to the academic institutions of higher education, as well as their professors, their researchers, their students and their employees. It is important to highlight the reduced annuities given to members from these categories listed above, as well as young associates, all in accordance with the ABPI Statute; And

(e) To promote academic competitions to disseminate ABPI to the undergraduate and graduate students as well as young professionals.

Section 3: By decision of its Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, ABPI may maintain Sectional Representations in any locality in Brazil.

First Paragraph. The Sectional Representatives are members of the Executive Committee.

Second Paragraph. The Chairman of the Executive Committee, CECD ad referendum, may appoint a member of the Association to occupy the position of Interim Representative of a newly created Sectional Representation or whose position of Sectional Representative is vacant. This appointment shall be submitted for approval by the General Assembly immediately thereafter.

Section 4: The Sectional Representatives shall account for their administrative actions to their Associates, annually at the General Meeting. Prior to the meeting, a management report shall be provided to the Sectional Representations’ Coordinators, so a General Report of the Sectional Representations can be prepared. 

Section 5: The tasks of the Sectional Representatives:

  1. a) Coordinate the Sectional Representation under its responsibility;
  1. b) Ensure the proper execution of the activities from its Sectional Representation, based on the pre-approved Activity Plan by CECD.
  1. c) Participate in the meetings convened by the Sectional Representations Coordination, which will always be given preference to remote communication;
  1. d) Participate in CECD meetings, in person or by means of remote communication;
  1. e) Propose activities for its Sectional Representation, by e-mail or other means of remote communication, or at face-to-face meetings with the Sectional Representations’ Coordinator, and when necessary, with the Chairman of the Executive Committee, as well as in the CECD meetings; And
  1. f) Report the activities from its Sectional Representation by e-mail, other means of remote communication, or at face-to-face meetings with the Sectional Representations’ Coordination, and when necessary, with the President of the Executive Committee or at the CECD meetings.

Section 6 – The Sectional Representatives are prohibited to develop activities on behalf of the Sectional Representation that are not subject to the ABPI Statue, or in disagreement with the attributions, regiments and other ABPI´s regulations.

Section 7 – These are the attributions for Sectional Representations Coordinator and Adjunct Coordinator:

(a) To plan, organize, monitor and provide strategic and operational assistance to the Sectional Representations, the main objective is to expand ABPI´s activities organically;

(b) To present, for approval within the first CECD meetings, the Sectional Representations’ Activity Plan for the year;

(c) Meet periodically, preferably every three (3) months, with the Sectional Representatives, to plan and monitor the execution of the activities of the Sectional Representations according to the Plan of Action approved by the CECD;

(d) Present periodic reports, or whenever requested by the CECD, about the activities developed and to be developed by the Sectional Representations;

(e) To present annually, at the Association General Meeting, the Activities General Report developed by various Sectional Representations in the preceding year, as well as to present the future activities, already approved by the CECD, that will be developed by Sectional Representations;

(f) Report immediately to the Executive Committee Chairman and to the CECD any irregularity in a Sectional Representation, which they are aware of; And

(g) To propose justifiable new Sectional Representations to the CECD.

Section 8 – This regiment applies to the subsidiaries that the Association is part of.

Section 9 – The omitted cases in this regiment shall be decided by the CECD in agreement with the objectives and principles set by the Association Statue.

São Paulo, December 29th, 2014.

Elisabeth Kasznar Fekete

ABPI President

Ricardo Fonseca de Pinho

Sectional Representations Coordinator

Fabiano de Bem da Rocha

Sectional Representations Adjunct Coordinator

[1] “Section 2. The Association headquarter is in the city of Rio de Janeiro, state of Rio de Janeiro, located at Rua da Alfândega, n.108, 6th floor, Zipcode 20070-004, and it can maintain Sectional Representations in any locality in Brazil, by decision of its Executive Committee and Board of Directors, which shall establish the respective attributions, limits, administrative structure and powers “.