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Patent and trademark application filings grew in 2023

The Monthly Bulletin of the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), with the results of preliminary statistics for the month of December and for the year 2023, revealed that, compared to the previous year, patent application filings grew (+2 .9%), brands (+6.4%), computer programs (+16.1%) and geographical indications (+22.7%). Requests for endorsements of technology contracts (-16.9%) and industrial designs (-2.0%) fell.

As for concessions, in 2023 there was cumulative growth in trademark registrations (29.3%), computer programs (56.6%) and contract endorsements (0.1%). Patent grants (-21.1%) fell in the period. The United States led the list of countries that filed the most invention patent applications (30%), followed by Brazil (20%), China (7%), Germany (6%) and Switzerland (5%).

Individuals accounted for 34% of the 4,971 invention patent filings made by residents.
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