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Simplification and less bureaucracy in the registration and registration of INPI contracts

The announcement of measures to simplify and reduce bureaucracy in procedures in the area of ​​registration and registration of technology transfer contracts was the good news brought by the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property), in a virtual round table, on August 2nd, with the president of the autarchy, Júlio César Reis Moreira, and the general coordinator of Technology Contracts, Bernardo Soares Teixeira Bemvindo. The event, jointly organized by ABPI, ICC Brasil and LES Brasil, had the participation of the 2nd vice-president of ABPI, Tatiana Campello; the coordinator of the ABPI Technology Transfer Commission, Cândida Caffé; the coordinator of the ABPI Competition Law Commission, José Mauro Decoussau Machado; the president of LES Brasil, Paula Mena Barreto; the director of Les Brasil Karina Haidar Müller; and the president of the IP committee of ICC Brasil
Louis Lozouet.

In his presentation, the coordinator of Technology Contracts at the INPI listed the eight alterations in the annotations and registration of contracts, introduced by Ordinances 27 and 28 of the INPI. Of these, six are of a formal nature and refer to the acceptance of a digitally signed document and the elimination of the following procedures: the need for notarization of digitally signed documents abroad; signature of two witnesses in contracts signed in Brazil; sending the social contract; headings on all pages of the contract; and registration form.

The other two simplifying changes are of a technical nature and establish, on the one hand, the acceptance of non-patented technology licensing (which, from now on, will be done in the technology supply category); and, on the other hand, that the value declared in contracts involving only a trademark application will now be included in their respective certificates. “The changes in the area of ​​administrative contracts come in the spirit of simplifying INPI procedures and processes, but this should not be understood as an analysis below the level of quality necessary to guarantee legal certainty and business in Brazil”, said the president of the INPI.

You can watch the full webinar on the ABPI Youtube page